Meet the maker

Hello and welcome to Mantha's place. Mandastic was created by Mantha (Mandy) Tsopanoglou in 2015.

Arts and crafts have been filling her world since she was a child. Mantha's father is an artist and has always encouraged her to paint. She used to spend much of her time with him drawing, painting and helping him with his handmade potteries.

On the other hand, her mother taught her how important is to devote time doing things that, in the long run, can improve your quality of life, such as cooking, gardening and knitting.

Mantha's appreciation for handmade items was strengthened even more by getting involved in her aunt's traditional costumes workshop "Esthita" and even further by a 4-year study of fashion, cutting, sewing and pattern design at "Raptomania". 

As the years went by, she developed an attitude for creating her own things that truly represent her personality, and eventually moved away from buying mass-produced items. She started by designing her own clothes and accessories, as well as handcrafting gifts for friends and family for special occasions. It wasn't long before she realized she would love to invest her full time in crafting, hence Mandastic was born.

Mandastic's Mission

In a world of fast fashion and products not made to last, our mission is to create sustainable and unique items that matter, and make a difference by investing lots of thought, care and love in every single one of our crafts.

All Mandastic crafts are stylishly designed and handcrafted by Mantha. The materials she uses are a mixture of vintage and new, sustainable and ethically sourced, all lovingly combined to produce a variety of high quality, unique products.

"I love colour, the texture and feel of fabric and yarn, and I'm both excited and blissful when I'm in my craft area, with all of my ideas waiting to be realized which I hope you will enjoy getting as much as I enjoy making. Be well and shine on!" --Mantha