Shaun's miniature backpack

You see that happy little sheep resting in the grassy pasture? Yeah, that's Shaun and even though he may enjoy jumping around and playing in the field, his parents are not too fond of carrying his toys around. The idea of having his own bag is excitement in itself and gives him the feeling of independence that suits him!

Finding a cute and functional toy storage was a must and a backpack was not too big for him to carry but a good size to pack enough to entertain him.

I was so very honoured when Shaun’s parents reached out to me and asked if I wanted to work on this project for him. How could I say no to such a cute lamb?

This is why I am super happy crafting such a fun miniature backpack for all you little fellas. It even has sheep silhouettes on it and small pockets in and out.

This backpack can store sooooo many toys, and once all the items are inside, you just close the drawstring and you are ready for the ultimate adventure.

His mother said: ‘Shaun loves it. It’s so handy, in fact, he sometimes packs it himself and waits at the door.’

Be well and shine on,

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